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Who Should Initiates The First Move, Martians or Venusians?

We no longer lived in the day and age, where the gentlemen woo the frilly-dressed shy maids during high tea or at a dance party. And, women mooning over kisses or letters from the perfectly-combed hair gentlemen. Though there are still experts believe that men should be the ones initiating the preliminary moves, do the asking out and interactions that take the relationship to the next level.


The thing is, such thought is not really applicable; less effective even in our fast-moving modern day lifestyle. It won’t  fit into today’s world flow, where both men and women are active in pursuing their careers, socializing with their peers and family, managing their finance and relationship.


Both genders do not have the luxury of time on their hands, meaning it doesn’t matter whether it’s a man or a woman, if that person is interested with the opposite sex, she or he should make the first move and few more interactions to stabilize and take the relationship to its next level.


Dating is like fishing, you shouldn’t be the only one pulling on that bait and line, the other party should be pulling on the line. You need to loosen the line, give the other party a chance to pursue you as well. BUT (that’s a big but), if you’re the only one making the effort, means that the other person’s feeling is not mutual.


Telltale signs of one sided effort:

  • You get limited or one word text replies when you contact them via text. 
  • The relationship is not making much or any progress. You are not introduced to their family and other significant individuals in their lives.
  • Rarely or do not spend much time with you.
  • Busy schedule as an excuse and reason why you can’t get together.
  • You can only arrange a meet and get together if he or she feel like it.


If the person you interested with shows these signs, abandon ship, they’re not suitable with you, even if you get into relationship with them it’s likely it’ll be very rocky and won’t have a nice ending.  You deserve someone better, a person who will make time for you even if their schedule is super busy. A person who’ll be able to understand you and accept your insecurities and flaws.


These are the signs someone is interested in you:

  • They often contact you via phone calls, text messagings or meet you up in person. These small and subtle things what truly counts and shows someone is truly care for you and interested with you.
  • You receive quick response when you text, or call them. Do not worry if you text them in the morning and only receive replies then. They will get back to you after their work hours. But it’ll troubling and worrisome if hours and days go by without any replies.
  • The relationship shows sign of progressions. You go out on a date. You invite him or her to a movie, and you received a ‘yes’. With each date, you slowly get to know him or her, eventually you’ll be introduced to their friends, and parents. From here on out, your relationship slowly builds up and you’ll be committed to it.


The thing is, it doesn’t matter whether you’re a man or a woman, if you interested in someone and wants to get into a relationship with that person, then go for it. Interact, and communicate with your potential partner. Keeping making the effort but make sure to give your partner some space and time to do so as well.

Don’t get discourage or despair if things don’t work out for you. It’s because God is still busy writing your love story. Once it’s finished, you’ll meet the person destined for you.


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