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Unique Honeymoon Ideas That’ll Kickstart Your Marriage Beautifully

Every newly wedded couple deserves a honeymoon to remember. To make your upcoming one memorable, we recommend you take it a step beyond all those tourist destinations you’ve seen touted time and time again. While a honeymoon isn’t all that important in the long run, it could do your marriage well to kickstart it with a twist—an exhilarating prelude packed with adventure.

Here are some unique honeymoon ideas to embark on with your lover:

1. A small town or village in a foreign country.

Try somewhere picturesque and tucked away from all those raucous tourist attractions. This will let you revel all-the-more freely in the local culture and get an authentic taste of life as it happens—and the food!

2. High in the mountains.

Tropical sites tend to be saturated with other tourists on holiday, so consider taking to the mountains instead for a unique experience. You’ll get the sense of being on top of the world together, and this will foster more intimacy between the two of you than tiptoeing across a crowded beach.

3. A small beach on a secluded island.

A quieter beach will afford you a liberating sense of serenity, and more freedom to bask in your shared romance. Give yourselves room for adventure on an island.

4. To see the Northern Lights.

Start researching all the various areas in the world you can view this breathtaking spectacle from. Trust us—to have these beautiful curtains of coloured light bless your marriage once more will definitely be worth the freezing cold.

5. An amusement park.

If you dig the vibes of an amusement park, take your honeymoon there to relish something new! Spend your time going on thrilling rides, gorging on cotton candy or corn dogs, and roving from shop to shop for little commemorative souvenirs. Who says any of us are ever too old for a lung-shattering sort of fun?

6. Road trip.

Not too keen on long flights? Pile into the car and get moving! You’ll be able to cover a lot more ground and commit a variety of interesting sites to your memory. Definitely something to remember throughout the rest of your marriage.

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