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The majority of us wouldn’t appreciate getting a text from our ex out of the blue. While not all of us are on bad terms with our exes, the event can prove annoying nonetheless. If the message doesn’t peeve you, it’ll end up making for one awkward, stilted exchange.

The worst case scenario would be your ex wanting to get back with you—and that’s when you’ll know without a doubt it’s time to axe the conversation. You aren’t going to be doing your peace of mind a favour by affording them even the tiniest speck of hope, especially if they’re hellbent on pestering you until you cave in.

Worry not—here’s how to respond to your ex’s text, and how to get them to leave you be while you’re at it:

1. “This number is being blocked”.

A standard solution. This will either dissuade them and get them to realize how utterly annoying they’re being, or anger them. In the event of the latter, they might direct their rage at you over the phone again, demanding answers. When this happens, go straight to blocking, and leave no regrets in your wake.

2. “I’m dating someone”.

Feel free to say this even if you’re not. This can serve as an effective final nail-in-the-coffin — the realization that you’ve finally moved on. Try to only use this if they mention getting together or some equivalent.

3. “If you keep harassing me, I’ll treat it in legal forms”.

This is for those blatantly dangerous exes who will begin to threaten you overtime. Remember that you have every legal right to get the relevant authorities involved, especially if they don’t back down.

4. Explain your reasons for finishing things.

While this will definitely come off harsh, it might be necessary in the long run. List the reasons you’re no longer together in completely frank terms. They might get hurt, but at least they’ll have a clear enough picture and leave you alone at last. At some points, it becomes imperative to put your well-being first.

5. Don’t respond.

Simply ignore them until they give up on their pursuit. It may take a considerably long time before you see the results, but this will at least indicate that they no longer have reason to hope.

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