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You can’t be in a relationship where your significant makes you feel trapped or there’s rules and agreement. That’s now how everyone wants to live. Even if you think that she’s controlling you, then you probably are being controlled. In other words, it is wrong in every way.

In other words, before you decide to ditch the relationship, be sure to identify whether if she is controlling or you’re not up for a relationship.

Here are 10 behaviors to be aware of if she is really controlling.

#1 You wouldn’t dare utter the words “guy’s night”.

If you gets pissed if you utter these words then most probably she’s controlling you in what you want to do. I mean, if girls can have their girls night, why not guys too, right? Somehow she knows that all you’re gonna do is swear, drink a lot, and especially be without her.

#2 If you talk to another girl you know there will be hell to pay.

Honestly, I just think this is immature. You’d probably just asking about work or maybe homework. Your girlfriend technically has eyes everywhere so once someone spurted out the right words, you’re done for.

#3 She doesn’t like your BFF and insists you ghost him.

If you pay too much attention t your best friend rather than her, pretty much she would demand you to ghost them out completely. In all seriousness, don’t do this.

#4 No feet on the table

Generally speaking, no shoes in the house, no feet on the couch, hang your jacket on the hook, no dogs and mostly, please please put the salt back where it was placed originally.

#5 She invites herself along when she clearly wasn’t invited.

Even if it’s an outdoor activity like fishing, she’ll invite herself because clearly she wants to in the center of everything that you do.

#6 Everything you do she undoes and does the right way – hers.

It gets too much when you try do something right, she just started undoing it in front of you without a moment to spare. And not even a word of thanks for trying even.

#7 Holidays are spent with your family, your no longer exist.

Just forget about you family, focus on her only.

#8 You best not mention any previous relationship, this is silent treatment worthy.

Don’t even try.

#9 She corrects your grammar.

She’d treat like the kid that you are, she won’t just let you know but proceed to correct you in front of the public.

#10 A controlling girlfriend needs to your whereabouts every second of they day.

Once you return home from your day, you might as well prepare yourself with tons of questions that’s going to asked by her.






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