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Healthy Relationships

How To Get Past Long Distance Relationship Anxiety

How To Get Rid Of Long Distance Relationship

I’m telling you now, it will not be easy. You’ll need time to get yourself adjusted to the environment if you want to move past it. Always remember how much you want this relationship to work and you would fight through any hardships just to make this relationship work and to be with the one you love.


#1 Determine the underlying cause.

What’s the reason of you feeling what you’re feeling? What are you so scared of? Are you insecure if your partner finds someone better? You might think that they will cheat on you? Anxiety is almost constantly fixed in fear.

#2 Talk to each other about it

Once you have identify what you are so anxious about, have a talk with your partner about it. Tell you fears and solve the problem together. You can never get through this only by yourself – you guys are a team and it’s essential to act like it.

#3 Get your expectations out on the table

What do you want out of this relationship? Be true to yourself, what do you wish from your partner in order to relieve the feeling of anxiety?

You have to talk to each other and evaluate what your other half needs, only then you guys can avoid anxiety altogether. Keep in mind that unrealistic expectations will be the downfall of your relationship.

#4 Communicate regularly and religiously

This is necessary in every relationship, especially long distance ones. You basically have to express everything together even if the matter is small, no matter what. The more you coop up your feelings, the worse your relationship will get.

#5 Have “date nights”

It’s obvious that you can’t do this yourself, but it’s crucial to spend as much time with each other. For example, video chatting each other while watching a favorite movie.

Turn this into one of your priority because you really need to have a certain level of intimacy even if your partner lives far away.

#6 Stop comparing your relationship

It’s tempting to compare your relationship, that’s for sure. You can’t do this, period.

When you start comparing, you’ll be miserable. Doing this constantly will make you stray further away from your partner.

#7 Ask your partner for help

Your partner may be fine and not nervous, but that does not mean you aren’t. Eventually, this will make it difficult for you.

You may think that it’s weird if you tell your partner your problems but I assure you it’s not. If you need help, please tell them what’s bothering you. You guys are a team, after all.

#8 See each other as much as you can

This is another priority in your life. Make an effort to see one another, financially and with your time. Seeing each other face-to-face intimacy is crucial and it helps ease the anxiety as well.

#9 Video chat randomly

You don’t have to necessarily set up your time just to have a chat with each other. Sometimes a random call or video chat could bright up your partner’s day.

#10 Never hold it inside

Please trust me on this, don’t bottle up your feelings and keep it to yourself. It’ll only make it worse. Speak up when you feel like something is wrong or when something is upsetting you. The last thing you need is anxiety eating away and dive deeper.

#11 Get professional help

You might be able to conquer your anxiety, or you won’t. Normally, during your long distance relationship, you might have to begin with. If this is the case, go seek professional help or have a visit to see the psychologist.

#12 Trust your significant other

One of the most hardest thing you need to do. You have to trust your other half that he or she do not break your trust. This requires so much trust since they’re far away and they can do what they want without you to catch them.

However, you need to trust they won’t break that trust. If your partner cares for you, they won’t be doing things they shouldn’t.

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