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While instant messaging is rife nowadays, texting may still be the better alternative if you’ve just met a woman and are planning on getting to know her better. Not only is it subtle, but it will also spare the two of you from a potential world of awkward fidgeting and stumbles in speech, making it a great avenue for carving first impressions. Naturally, a set of golden rules are sure to underlie the do’s and don’t’s of texting her—and here’s what:

The Do’s

1. Be sure to introduce yourself when texting the first time.

Not all girls take the time to remember everyone they’ve met, and courtesy is always good grounds for charm. This also gives you ample chances to come up with creative ways to mark an impression of you in her head.

2. Keep it short and simple for the first couple of texts.

You wouldn’t get too friendly and familiar with someone you’ve just met, and so, apply the same principle. Keep the first messages clean, direct, and void of unnecessary information. Still, be sure to leave a bit of flourish and charm in the tone of your early texts.

3. Check your grammar.

Texting shorthand was relevant, once upon a time—when phones were plagued with character limits back in the 90’s. Now, though? It may be best to uphold good grammar in your texts and maintain correct and comprehensible sentence constructions for a good impression. Don’t dash your chances with confusing gibberish.

4. Be respectful.

An awkward confrontation might result if you aren’t, and that would ruin your chances of further communication in a heartbeat.

5. Flirt.

Be sure to keep it sweet and subtle in the early stages. Take the time to slowly build the chemistry between you two, and you may find yourselves transitioning into something more.

The Don’t’s

1. Text her too much.

It either makes you look desperate for attention, or makes you out to be a creep. It gets annoying very quickly to be on the receiving end of an inconsiderate, unending mass of text messages. An appropriate standard would be to send roughly the amount of texts you get from her.

2. Get angry when she doesn’t reply immediately.

Start off by asking if she’s okay after some silence. She might be caught up in something. Allowing yourself to get impatient to the point of anger will do nothing but harm communication.

3. Start texting her at unreasonable times.

Refrain from starting a draggy conversation when she’s caught up with work, family, or other engagements. This will only serve as an annoyance to her and leave you with little to respond to.

4. Use inappropriate language.

Avoid any manner of insults or degrading words, no matter how funny you might think them. Not all girls fall for bad boys, and especially not at the cost of feeling comfortable.

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