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Love is an overrated concept for most — and who can blame the jaded ones who plunged straight into fairytale expectations, only to come pawing back out of miry disappointment.

We’re here to assure you that love is—in fact—real, and it can be as bliss-ridden and fantastically euphoric as you’ve seen unfold on silver-tinted screens. All it takes is you, and the partner you crave that supernova romance with.

Here’s how to fall in love like you’re destined for glass slippers!

1. Stretch out the wooing.

The both of you might really already be into each other. But don’t take the leap just yet. Keep up the chase to get the sparks ripe and mounting ‘till it they’re riveting comets. Bask in the dating period and let your love evolve.

2. Fall in love before you spring the question.

Humans tend to enjoy things more when they’ve earned them—blood, sweat and tears are true markers of achievement in this mortal world. So—even if you sense love in the air—let confusion linger for a little while longer. You’ll be able to reflect on even more days of arduous wooing — they’ll magnifying all the worth in the end.

3. Go out of your way to please each other.

Commit yourself to doing special things for your lover. The labor of love is a more telling sign than anything, and will conjure up the deepest fairytale sense between the two of you. Sincerity and happily-ever-after’s come hand-in-hand, after all.

4. Be sure to look good on your dates.

Fairytales are picture-perfect, right down to the hardback spine. You see sparkly settings and pretty romances all the time, whether on screens or pages. If you want to feel like you’re in fairytale, dress like it. Charm your lover every once in a while to keep your love alight with stunning bliss.

5. Create new memories, and save them.

Don’t want your love to grow stale? Keep sharing new experiences and trying new things together. Whatever it is you do—whether it be hiking, gardening, or trekking—make a constant adventure out of your time together. And this is where we implore you to not stick to the fairytale formula — keep your romance alive with new beginnings, rather than just a single happy end.

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