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How to tell if the guy you’re seeing is a Womanizer.

Going on dates could be nerve-wrecking and once the date is done, the tricky part comes: will he call you back or not? The guy may not feel any connection with your maybe not feel it. And even if he feels the connection, is he genuine about you or you’re his next victim? With the rise of so many womanizers now, we’ve identify the multiple of behaviors that you should take note.

#1 You immediately feel something is off

If your gut is saying he’s going to be problematic, most chances are your gut is telling the truth. Sometimes it’s best to be safe than sorry. Despite his charming looks and gentleman-like personality, don’t be deceived by his facade.

#2 He has a murky past

Let’s just say you asked him about his past, and he suddenly became quiet, probably means he really doesn’t have one. And it’s not because he doesn’t have one, he does have a past: which is playing around with woman.

#3 He isn’t trying to get to know you

He’s not asking you question that need to be asked, it’s more like where are working or something that is irrelevant. He’s not interested about you. Womanizers tend to make small shallow talks.

#4 His social media is full of women

Truth is, there is nothing wrong if people have men and women in their social media but if his account if full with pictures of women, that’s already a big sign that he’s more than what he looks.

#5 He’s secretive

If you notice he covers his phone when it rings or gets a text or hide to make sure you don’t see who it is, that’s already one of the signs. If you see that’s he’s hiding stuffs and keeping secrets, he’s probably full of crap so stop wasting time and get out.

#6 Read his body language

So try and focus when he sweet-talking to you, focus on his eyes especially. Pay attention to what he’s talking about as well as his body. He might be looking at you saying you’re the only woman in his sight but he kept gazing at other women while saying it.  That’s a sign.

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