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Dating Advice for Women

What It Means When He Never Texts You First But Always Replies

What it means when he never texts you first but always replies happily.

Everytime you text him first, he’d text back with a smiley or a wink face. Sometimes you can’t help but thinking “why didn’t you text me first?” and all those thoughts. But before you jump into conclusions, there are probably reasons why he’s like that. Here are some of those reasons.

#1 He’s not sure how you feel

Hello hello, guys can be cautious of their hearts too. Not just women. Sometimes guys can be unsure of how you’re feeling about him so he becomes more aware and probably doesn’t want to bother you much. This has got something to do with insecurity as well.

#2 He doesn’t want to annoy you

There are some guys now that think they’d be an annoyance to you if he keeps hitting you up. Most probably because he’s had women telling him that he’s being clingy in some way so that’s why he’s being very cautious about it. He doesn’t want to be annoying.

#3 He’s really busy with stuff

The guy could’ve been busy with his stuff. If he’s been busy with his work or maybe his personal life then means that he hasn’t been able to text you. Remember: guys who texts you first means you’re a priority to him. No matter how busy he is, if he cares for you, he’d at least send a quick text to you to know that you’re in his mind.

#4 You text him first too often

Give the guy his chance to text you first. I understand that you want to receive a text from him now and then. He might probably be thinking that you’re going to text first anyways, so why not you try to relax and let him do the texting?

#5 He’s afraid of bothering you

Again, he’s only being precautious. Think hard if you’ve ever mentioned clingy when you guys had a talk last time. Maybe there’s a chance you had a slip and mentioned of your previous clingy relationship or needy. If you do, then that’s probably the reason he’ being careful.

#6 He doesn’t like you as much as you think

The guy is being nice to you. Despite the interesting and fun conversations you guys had, he’s probably not that into you that much and he just can’t say it to your face so he seldom texts you.

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