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Why do girls really love bad boys? Here 8 reasons why they do.

For women, bad boys are like the hottest things a woman can set their eyes on. It’s kinda like taming a wild beast, but the only difference is, bad boys can’t be tamed, so women are more attracted to those kind of qualities. The reasons why women are more into bad boys is because they look rebellious, exciting and more appealing. What I’m trying to say is bad boys make the good girls do things they don’t normally do.

#1 They look rebellious.

Okay boys, don’t take this too personally but you do not have much intensity. Like, it’s dull. Women like the qualities a bad boy has because they seem like they don’t share so much to other people and they stay mysterious, as if you have to complete a jigsaw puzzle just to understand them.

#2 They are great revenge.

If the girl wants to break that good girl vibe, always following order and getting those good results, they bad boy is the kind of person she will go for. What parents hate more is the person that influences the changes in their daughter’s behavior.

#3 They appear to be powerful.

A bad boy who doesn’t follow the rules and think the rules does not apply to them? Which girl would turn that down? The bad boy who takes down anyone who mess with them, those who are bullies and anyone in their paths. Women likes the type of guys that would fight for them.

#4 They aren’t out to impress.

A woman is almost always being judged of how she looks rather than the inside. But bad boys do not care about what people think and women finds the ability to brush aside the expectations, norms or any type of criticisms. So technically, by being with them will us the women feel they can more of themselves.

#5 They push us to be adventurous.

We all have that tiny voice that speaks whenever we want to do something that’s adventurous. Bad boys have the potential of igniting that fire inside women who are the type to keep it for themselves. They keep us excited do tot hings we normally don’t do on our own.

#7 We like a challenge.

If we’re being honest here, we like bad boys because they’re challenging. Since dating a a guy who follows the rules are boring to us, dating a bad boy challenges us girls. To stand corrected, bad guys makes us think of our actions whether wed o it because it’s what we are or because someone else wants us to.

#8 The genders were truly created to be hunters and gatherers.

Let’s put it this way, a bad boy has all the components to survive if the world is going haywire. Thus, if it is, who do you think is going to survive? The nice guy or the bad boy? Basically, the more manlier the guy is, the more attractibe he’ll be.



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