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Dating Advice for Men

What To Do When She’s Taken & You Can’t Stop Thinking About Her

What to do when you can’t stop thinking about her.

Liking a girl is fine, but liking a girl who is already in a relationship would be tough for you.  It just means that you that you can’t seek her when she’s already happy with someone else.

#1 Stop stalking her social media.

Stalking her social media has got to stop, pronto. You’re only gonna make yourself miserable. It’s that if you see her pictures frequently, your chances of forgetting about her will go down the drain. Yes, it’s hard but you need to stop and get rid of her social media.

#2 Shut down thoughts the second they pop up.

Thoughts could be dangerous sometimes, even worse than stalking her on social media. The moment you start thinking about her, quickly proceed to think about something else. Like your weekend plans or watch your favorite Netflix show.

#3 Stay busy with friends.

Always keep yourself busy, because the more you stay busy, the less you’ll think about her. Don;t stay cooped up in your home, go out and make plans your friends. If one of your buddies wants to invite you for an event or just to grab a beer, go along.

#4 Find someone new to think about.

I wouldn’t call it a rebound, but if you can’t stop thinking about her then consider this option. Download a few dating apps and start looking, and if you fancy someone don’t hesitate to get to know her. The important thing here is you need to see new people and who knows, you might find a girl who’s much better.

#5 Focus on your hobbies and interests.

Concentrating on your hobbies and interests help in a sense that your mind will completely be filled with activities and you’ll be more active. so by doing something that you love most will make you have less time to think about her.

#6 Accept that she can’t be yours and move on.

You really need to do this. Even if she moves on from her relationship that doesn’t mean she’ll be yours in the coming days. You have to accept you situation with a heavy heart is probably the only way for you to move on with life.


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