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Dating Advice for Men

Things Girls Like to Hear from Men to Feel Special and Loved

Things girls like to hear in order to feel special.

It’s hard for you to make a girl feel special and at the same time tell her things what she wants to hear from you. You need to make her feel unique to feel like you’re only interested in her and no one else’s. Here are some of the things girls like to hear to feel special.

#1 Compliments about her intelligence.

Just because she’s easy on the eyes doesn’t mean she doesn’t got the brains. I mean, if she’s pretty, she’s probably tired of hearing the same compliments again and again. Now if you know her and if the way she thinks makes you feel in awe, do tell her.

#2 Compliments about her creativity.

Did I tell you that girls like to be told that they’re creative too? Girls don’t hear it those kinds of compliments often and that’s why girls like it a lot. A little tip, the creative compliments are very appreciative when a girl had painted something or created.

#3 Anything about how she’s “one of a kind”.

Girls like hearing you say stuff like “you’re different from other girls”. It kinda makes them think that there’s no one like them. So be sure to remind how she’s different from the rest. Different in a sense that she makes you happier than nobody else.

#4 Unique things about her looks.

It’s so obvious you can tell if a girls is really beautiful. But they you say it will have a big difference oh how she hears it. In other words, instead of being too straightforward about her appearance, why not try and describe them? For example, you can say how her eyes have a shade of green a bit of blur in them.

#5 Your honest feelings.

Guys might find it hard to do this but trust me, this works. Girls want your feelings to be known to them, as tough as you are, the day will come where you’ll just let your feelings pour out to her. Girls appreciate your vulnerability when you’re around them and know how much you really care.

#6 Your excitement for the future – with her.

For this part,  you would want to reassure her that she has place in your life. She wants you to get excited when you tell her this. And it’s not necessary about marriage, it could something like three weeks or next year from now – you’d want to do something exciting with her.


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