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Insecure Girlfriend: Ways To Make Her Feel Loved And Needed

How to Make your insecure Girlfriend feel Loved and Needed.

First off, those of you who have an insecure girlfriend and still be with her regardless, I am happy for you. I know for a fact that having an insecure girlfriend can be such a pain but if you care for her a lot and show it, then you’re a guy that’s worth keeping. I would say most girls have insecurity problems as well as guys do.

To those guys who are struggling a bit, not to worry, here are some of advice that could help you in your relationship.

#1 Listen to her when she’s down.

The best thing you could do is sit down and listen to problems. Not multitasking like if she’s talking and you’re playing with your phone. Give your full concentration when she talks. This will help you to understand further where her insecurities are coming from so that you could work out your actions.

#2 Reassure her of her feelings.

Even though you guys are away from each other or really busy with work, it’s nice to let her know that you still feel strongly about her. Doing that could her feel even more appreciated and her beauty will bloom. And she’ll feel happy knowing that you still care so much about her.

#3 Don’t make a big deal out of it.

Try not point her insecurities out because it really does not help, it will only make her thoughts and insecurities worse. Accept that she has her insecurities and just move forward.

#4 Rely her on things.

If you depend on her do things, she’ll feel more needed. The feeling of being useful to your loved one will make her feel more secure with herself and she will really think that you need her in your life.

#5 Learn what makes her feel loved.

Each individual has a different type of way to make them feel loved. If you have an insecure girlfriend, do try to find out what makes her feel at the peak and find that type of love for her. It could really help lessen her insecurities.

#6 Ask her on dates.

Keep the fire of your relationship burning by asking her out for dates, in a formal way. Your girl will have this impression that you really want this relationship. Not a simple “hey let’s go out for food”, but more formal way.

#7 Publicly show you affection.

This is probably the most effective and fun way to make her feel loved and appreciated because the people around can see it. Even if she gets embarrassed, deep down she loves it.

#8 Do the little things.

Most people would agree to this but the smallest things matter. For example, tell her that her hair looks nice or how beautiful she is in her dress. It’s really just the little things that will make feel secure in the relationship.

#9 Be interested in her life.

It’s the most simplest task for you, and that is to ask her  about how she’s doing, how was her day or how her job went. I know these kinds of things are probably boring to you but it will matter a lot her to see that you actually cares.

#10 Compliment her.

Girls love compliments, fact. But with an insecure girlfriend, you’ll need to be aware because your girl can tell if your compliment is genuine or not. Complimenting her constantly will not make her believe it. So just be aware when and where is the perfect time to give her compliments.

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