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Dating Advice for Men

How to Deal with a Needy Girlfriend and Help her Feel Secure Again

How to deal with a needy girlfriend

This has got to be one of those insecurity reasons. Most of the people have reasons why they become this way, and the tend to hold on to one thing that makes them certify they are still needed, for example, you.

Furthermore, this is not just about them. You may be the reason why this happened so take this chance to take a look at yourself and take responsibility.

#1 Talk to her about it

Communication is key to make the relationship works. So many people tend to ignore this. You need to communicate with each other. If you feel that her clingy behavior is something you dislike, tell her nicely. Let her know that there is no need for her to feel this way and ask what does she want you to do to make her feel secure in this relationship.

#2 Be patient

I know that it could get annoying at times and you feel like pulling your hair from your scalp, but please be patient. A simple “I love you” text won’t do the trick, you might have to show your effort and work to build the security in your relationship.

#3 Be consistent

You also need to show the consistency. Go on dates every Friday night or you can send her a good morning text when you wake up. Show her that you really want her in your life and want this relationship to work. There’s a reason why she’s insecure.

#4 Set boundaries

If your girlfriend’s demanding you to text her every hour, then you need to start consulting her about it. You need to listen to her needs unless if it means that you have to be a trained monkey just for her then just no.

#5 Notice the small things

Your girlfriend will appreciate if you start noticing small details for example, if she got her nails done, her hair done or maybe bought a new dress. Try compliment her when you notice these things and I assure you, it’ll help her and eventually she won’t feel insecure again.

#6 She’s not crazy

No, she’s not crazy. When you start giving her little attention and lessen your affection for her, most chances she’s going to start going all clingy around you. You honestly don’t have to put a ring on her, but just show her that you care.


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