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Dating Advice for Men

How to Date Successful Women and Not Feel Like Less of a Man

How to date high-powered and successful women without feeling small.

If you’re the type to feel insecure of having a successful girlfriend and it blows a hole in your ego,  then you’d probably might as well read these tips that will help you deal with this.

#1 See her as a person and not a bank account nor a title.

Instead of looking at her like she’s your piggy bank, why not look at her a woman with the same needs as you? Just because she has a career and stacks of money, it still makes her any other ordinary woman. So, why not try focusing on what she likes to eat, what kind of music she listens to, what animals does she like?

#2 Be honest about your insecurities.

You must probably feel weird by how successful your girl is which lead you to feel intimidated and effects low self-esteem. It’s best if you be honest to yourself, so that you can settle this. In addition, be honest with your girl and you feel awkward that she’s bringing you these expensive places or buys you expensive suits, it’s best to tell her. Especially when you are just starting your relationship.

#3 Don’t be intimidated by her.

You know that she’s stacking up load of cash but instead of looking at her that way, look at her like you look at any other woman. Your girl has the same needs in a relationship, after all. Be that guy that loves her unconditionally and you don’t have to worry if you are unable to take her places, what you can is to cook her dinner or maybe show her what you’re good at.

#4 Don’t look at it as a competition.

Please don’t risk everything just because you want to be on the same level as your girl. If you do that, your level of grudge that you have will increase and you might be in heavy debt, which eventually burn a hole in your pocket. If your girlfriend cares so much about what brands you wear, the countries you visited and such, then she’s probably not worth being with.

#5 Be fiscally fit.

Don’t go trying to be in the same league as your girlfriend because chances are you might go broke. If you are determined to be in the same league, you should start making financial decisions right now. Instead of spending on designer brands and such, why not you invest your money in something that can benefit you?

#6 Have fun together.

Understand that even though she has a firm of her own and has to go for business trips, it does not mean she’s never thought about you. Surrounded by her very hectic schedule, if she still makes time for you then you know that’re special to her.

#7 Be more creative with gifts.

Not trying to downgrade you here, but if by chance you’re planning to present something expensive, chances are she already has it. So to save you time and costs, you could try writing her a song, a poem, or cook dinner for her and perhaps just be her handyman. Your girl will appreciate it a lot.

#8 Split the bill.

This topic of splitting the bill is still on debate as often as I can count. You guys will have to commit to got through this kind of process. Now, having said that, if she offers to pay for the meal, be humble and accept it graciously so next time when you guys go have dinner you can take your turn to pay.

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