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Dating Advice for Men

Dating Rules for Men That’ll Transform Your Dating Game

Dating rules for men you must follow.

You guys are probably wondering what you should do on your first date. Thing is, dates have rules and most men still think that it’s easy. A simple hello, pick her up and go dinner, have amazing conversation then later you want something in return. You know what I’m talking about. 

Now, whether you guys like it or not, here are 10 dating tips that you need to take notes off.

#1 Have a plan

Technically the first rule of dating. You might be familiar when women say they wouldn’t care where the date is and all but once you pick her up and you asks her what she wants to do, you’ll see that slight disappointment in her eyes. Please have at least two options of plans so when you meet, tell her to choose which is more fun.

#2 Put the phone away

Us girls notice this, believe this. If you guys kept checking up on your phone then that probably shows the date is either very boring for you or you’d rather pay attention in something else.

#3 Don’t ask the question

Women get fed up when we’re asked this kind of question, “How are you still single?”. It just kind of shows your insecurity. If you think that this question will make the conversation better, think twice because it only does bad more than good.

#4 Keep your ex out of the date

Never bring your ex into the topic of your conversation, especially on your first date. A complete mood kill. Nobody wants to hear stories about your ex. I mean, you can talk about your past relationship but don’t go into full details. Just think of getting through your first date.

#5 To pay or not pay

It’s a pretty tricky topic but in my personal opinion, if you’re asking for somebody’s time, you should pay. Plus, this would be a useful exercise to find out if your date will offer to pay too. And regardless whether your date is expecting you to pay or not, offering to pay never hurts.

#6 Keep the date interesting, yet simple

You don’t have to think of extreme ways to impress her, like picking her up in a helicopter with a huge bouquet of roses. Although it’d be cool, but a simple dinner is already nice.

#7 Be confident

This might be hard for you guys but best be sure that women likes men who are confident about themselves. And I’m sure you’d want a woman who oozes confidence wherever she goes. But try not to shower too many compliments because that will just make you look desperate.

#8 Don’t badmouth your exes

You can share some of the terrible dates you’ve been on but I suggest to keep it to a minimum. If you start going off-topic about your previous dates, your date will get nervous and her mood could probably be ruined.

#9 Easy on the gifts

Though women like to receive gifts, don’t let it get to your head much. Especially on the first date, a simple gift like a flower would be sweet and would set the date on the right track.

#10 Don’t assume she doesn’t know who you are

Don’t be surprised, women nowadays can find information about you. Why? Probably because they want to know about you prior to the date or if you’ve got something to hide. But just to be safe, don’t lie and just be honest about who you really are.




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